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When selecting the best Emerald of Katong Floor Plan, it’s essential to consider a variety of factors that align with your lifestyle needs and preferences! It could be the privacy of the unit, unit orientation, floor level and much more. We have listed a few considerations for you to help you make the most informed decision when picking the Emerald of Katong floor plan.

  • Unit Orientation and Sunlight: The direction your unit faces can significantly impact the amount of sunlight your unit receive during the day – that also translates to how hot or cold your unit is! North-south oriented units are generally cooler and receive indirect sunlight, making them more desirable in climates where minimizing heat throughout the day. This is also much preferred by most buyers. Units facing east will get morning sun, which can be vibrant and energizing, while west-facing units might experience hotter afternoons.
  • View and Privacy: Premium units often have better views like having an unblocked view of the city. However, these units typically come at a higher cost. Consider whether the view is a priority for you can help you shortlist the unit stack and floor plans you will be choosing.
  • Floor Level: Higher floors generally offer better views, less noise from the street, and potentially more privacy. However, they might also come with longer waits for elevators and higher prices. Lower floors can be more convenient, especially for quick access in and out of the building, and might be cooler or have a shorter emergency escape route.
  • Proximity to Amenities: Units closer to condominium amenities such as gardens, pools, or gyms offer great convenience but can sometimes come with increased noise and activity. If peace and quiet are important to you, choosing a unit farther from these areas might be beneficial.

Understanding the Emerald of Katong floor plans is also crucial. They show the layout of the unit, including the location of windows, doors, and structural elements. This helps in planning your space effectively, ensuring that your furniture fits and that the unit feels spacious and functional. Do speak to our showflat sales team to understand more about picking the right unit for you.